ARLC is a go-getter law firm that appreciates the value of various IP rights in a company hence the services offered at ARLC are being carried out in a strategized manner and with pragmatic approach.

We at ARLC offer;

IP Litigation

Our team is well aware with the hard work that goes into building up a brand and reputation of a business and the amount of thought process behind creating an idea that leads to new technologies and innovations vis-à-vis marketing strategies for a new company. We provide effective resolutions to disputes related to intellectual and creative properties for our clients. The team at ARLC looks after each case with utmost sincerity and integrity.

Trademark Prosecution and Opposition

A trademark is not just a symbol for a business but a unique identifier which separates each business house from the other. Trademark brings in a huge amount of reputation for a company and hence it’s very important to guard it with sufficient legal fortification nationally as well as internationally and also to safeguard such intellectual property from any kind of infringement and violation. Our team at ARLC takes precautionary measures to keep the trademarks of our clients completely protected and also aggressively fight against any sort of breach or violation.

Copyrights and Digital Media

With the development of internet and fast growing impact of digital media, the sphere of closed art has shifted to open art and the ownership of artistic work and copyrights has become quite vulnerable. Our team understands the importance of online branding and hence, effectively manages the digital brand portfolios and prepares effective strategies, policies to secure the data available online. We put in our best efforts to remain up to date with the legislative and judicial developments related to laws that may affect the business of a company nationally and internationally.

IP Audit & Due Diligence

We at ARLC carry out a systematic review of Intellectual properties, owned, used or acquired by a business and conducts their assessments including risk management, status report, possible opportunities and remedies for disputes related to the validity and ownership of a intellectual property. The Experts at ARLC provide effective strategies to preserve and enhance the Intellectual Properties for our clients.